Workshop offers flexibility, reactivity and reliability

Workshop is a French owned startup based in Shenzhen. It helps hardware startups with manufacturing and scaling production in China by offering pragmatic and hands-on supports. Workshop also has its own final assembly shop to enhance confidentiality and intellectual property.










We treat our client’s products like they are our own, whether you are just starting to search for a factory, or already in the production phase, our experts will help you move safer and faster.

Our team is dedicated to help optimising the accuracy of planning, reduce costs and engineering.

WORKSHOP takes care of the supply chain to select the most suitable and reliable factories for each component to ensure quality. We instruct our factory workers on how a product should be produced and assembled, using client golden samples with the work instructions.

They will be met through Quality Control (QC), Incoming Quality Control (IQC), Manufacturing Quality Charts (MQC), work instructions, engineering documents, and more.

Thanks to our own production workshop, we sustain quality and confidentiality.

Just tell us when and where to ship to !

Everything we do will be transparent to our clients through regular meetings, reports, internal and external KPI analysis.

You will have access to those information anytime you want.

Kim Pen - CEO / Founder

Professional background

Kim holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from UTC in France. He has earned his stripes in factory operations as quality director and general manager of Chinese factories. After serving in automotive industry for Valeo, PSA Peugeot Citroen, and Toyota, he settled in China in 2005.

Deep knowledge of the whole production process in China

Since then, he managed quality improvement, production efficiency, supply chain, sourcing optimization, cost reduction tracking and new product introduction. His experience lies in various sectors such as electronics, metal and aluminum, plastic and PP office materials, aftermarket automotive parts, and engineering services.

Workshop is an active member of the Shenzhen French Tech Hub